Saturday, May 01, 2021

Moderator's District Q&A Sessions Complketed; Frequently Asked Questions Available


ELGIN, IL - Between October 2020 and February 2021, the Annual Conference Moderator, Paul Mundey, hosted the “Moderator’s District Q&A” sessions in partnership with the Annual Conference  Moderator-Elect, Dave Sollenberger, and the Annual Conference Secretary, Jim Beckwith. Twenty-four ZOOM sessions were held in fourteen districts across the denomination; all districts were invited and encouraged to participate. The focus of the sessions was the “state of the church.” The Q&As were open to all, both clergy and laity; districts were encouraged to publicize them widely. Resulting from these Q&A sessions was a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) specifically related to the discussion that arose from those gatherings.

The questions are not exhaustive of every question on the hearts and minds of our constituency. Rather, they are representative of inquiries posed by both clergy and laity in a variety of districts. The responses to each question also are not exhaustive; additional detail, however, is found in the endnotes.

A link to the FAQs follows:

Additional questions are welcome.

It is hoped the FAQs will help respond to questions related to information needed, and questions related to concerns, surfacing from our constituency.

For additional information on the Moderator’s District Q&A sessions or the FAQs, please contact Moderator Paul Mundey directly at

Contact Information:

Paul Mundey, Moderator, Church of the Brethren