Wednesday, September 01, 2021

A Story of Stewardship

Jesus told his followers to give what they could to further God’s work here on earth. We are asked to give ten percent of our earnings. The Cerro Gordo congregation decided to sell its parsonage, and to tithe ten percent of the proceeds from that sale. At our May council meeting, our members voted to give half of that tithe to the District of IL/WI and the other half of the tithe to Brethren Disaster ministries. This amount is in addition to Cerro Gordo’s annual pledged monies to the District. During the past year-plus of restrictions due to COVID-19, the Cerro Gordo congregation has been blessed by the faithful giving of its members and by the successful sale of the parsonage. We are called to share these blessings and, as a congregation, we felt we should do just that. The District of IL/WI not only needs our mental and spiritual support, but it needs our financial support as well. Our District connects each of our congregations in these two states and connects us to the larger church. We encourage each congregation to support our District financially to the fullest support that it can. Thank you for doing so.

 Carol Kussart, board chair, Cerro Gordo
District Leadership Team Chair