Friday, October 01, 2021

District Disaster Ministries

From district disaster ministries coordinator Loren Habegger:

It is time to begin to finalize plans for participation in the Illinois/Wisconsin District project to provide 8-10 volunteers for the Coastal North Carolina Brethren Disaster Ministries rebuild project near Bayboro, N.C., Nov. 28-Dec. 4. If you, or members or friends in your congregation think serving on the North Carolina BDM project is a possibility, please contact me by Nov. 1, if possible, at Detailed information about the project can be found at The volunteer assignment will again be shared with South/Central Indiana.

Costs for travel by air from Chicago O'Hare, for example, to the Coastal Regional Airport (EWN) on American Airlines is currently at $429 plus tax, luggage fees, and transportation to the airport. Alternatively, for travel by car the N.C. site is about 1,000 miles or 2,000 round-trip. At the IRS rate of 14 cents per mile for charitable travel the estimated travel cost is $280 plus approximately $200 for two in-transit stays at a hotel, for a total of $480. As has been the past practice for travel to BDM project sites, the district is offering to assist with 50 percent of the cost of volunteer travel to the project, with the balance to be provided by the local congregation or personal funds.