Friday, October 01, 2021

Moderator’s Musings

by Blaine Miner

As I write this reflection, this has become a hectic week. The type of week when there are things on the schedule and the usual anticipated items of business, and then something unexpected yet necessary comes up.

The unexpected yet necessary business is attending to a family who has lost a loved one. A member of the deceased’s extended family mentioned to me that she is always ready to drop everything to reach out and do for someone in need. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, she has found it hard to accept the caregiving she so readily offers. Sound familiar?

A year ago, I was ready to serve as the District Moderator. Over the past two years, as I have been in meetings with the various teams – first as Moderator-Elect and now as Moderator – I have been blessed by the relationships made with those who serve our district. I hope each of you holds these committees and their members in prayer as they give of their time and talent. For the past year I have been asking you to think about extending charity to those who are in need. But the comment of my parishioner this past week caught me by surprise. In my personal devotions, some of the reflections have challenged me to be open to God’s work in my life instead of being so caught up in the busyness of getting something done.

Over the past two years I have benefitted from the grace and charity of a whole host of individuals. The first is my wife, Nancy, who when I would remind her that I had a meeting for one committee or another, graciously accommodated the meetings. I am grateful to the Dixon congregation, which supported me in prayer as I went about the work of the district. And lastly, the various teams which are organized to complete the work of the district have graciously accepted my comments during the discussions at meetings. Again, I have been blessed by participating in these meetings with individuals who are passionate about the work they have been called to carry out.

Two years ago when I said yes, I did not anticipate our District Executive retiring. I doubt that it would have made a difference in my decision. I was honored to be asked to be on the search team for our new District Executive. The search committee is another group of individuals for whom I have a greater appreciation, having served beside them.

All of this is to say thank you for the grace and charity extended to me by you, the District of Illinois/Wisconsin. I pray the same grace and charity will be extended to Harold Rose as he serves as moderator in the coming year.