Sunday, October 01, 2023


Along with the budget and slate and various reports, one of the business items coming to conference this year is a query, titled "Regarding Greater Congregational Latitude on Matters of Sexuality." The text of the can be found at Query2023.pdf ( Essentially, it asks whether decisions related to sexuality should be made at the congregational level rather than by the denomination or district given the personal nature of these matters, the wide range of viewpoints, and the inconsistent enforcement of policy from one part of the church to the other in recent years.

Per Annual Conference process, a query typically originates in a congregation, then goes to the district's Leadership Team for processing and placement on the district conference agenda, and then to district conference delegates before being sent to Annual Conference Standing Committee for discernment. This query originated in the York Center congregation with help and support from Highland Avenue, and the Leadership Team agreed recently to pass it on to district conference.

Note that a query does not provide the answer to the question but rather raises issues that might benefit from greater discernment in the wider church. In order to help familiarize delegates and others with the query and to answer any questions in advance of district conference, a hearing on the query will be available Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. via Zoom. The link is available via the district conference section of the website,, or contact the district office. Anyone from the district is welcome to join us for this time.

Our district has a long history of journeying alongside one another as siblings in Christ even though we come from different places of theology, culture, and geography. We are grateful for these ongoing opportunities to continue the work of Christ together.