Monday, January 01, 2024


On your next visit to Camp Emmaus, hike over to the meadow that

 borders the boys’ cabins and check out the newest addition—the camp council ring. It consists of 42 unique blocks of 1,800-pound limestone arranged in two concentric circles. Installed in late November, the ring was formed from locally based materials: limestone from Freeport, mulch from Dixon, and landscaping from Polo. The construction is the latest of a series of physical improvements donated over the years to the camp by Highland Avenue member and long-time Camp Emmaus volunteer Ralph Miner.

Inspired by Danish landscape architect Jens Jensen (1860-1951), the council ring is a symbolic representation of both ancient Danish village gatherings and newer ideals of American democracy. The circular design invites people to come together in an egalitarian way, Ralph notes. Just as a circle has no beginning or end, there is no hierarchy within a group seated around a ring. He adds that Jensen placed council rings in the Chicago-area parks he designed to encourage neighbors to come together as equals to share ideas, experiences, and stories and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

As Camp Emmaus starts its journey on the next 75 years of ministry, the dream is that this installation will invite people to gather, because camp believes that when people gather together, awesome things can occur.

Camp Emmaus has announced its summer camping schedule for 2024:
May 24-27                   Memorial Day Family Camp
July 7-11                      Intermediate Camp (grades 3-5)
July 12-14                    Young Adult and Young at Heart Camp (YAAYAH)
July 14-20                    Senior High Camp (grades 9-12)
July 21-27                    Middle School Camp (grades 6-8)
Aug. 2-4                       CIT training
Aug. 3-4                       Elementary Camp (grades 1-2)
Aug. 8-10                     Women’s Camp
Aug. 16-18                   Men’s Camp
Aug. 30-Sept. 2           Labor Day Family Camp

Camp Emmanuel has announced its summer 2024 camping schedule. Registration will open in March:
Women’s Camp                                 May 31-June 2                                   
Youth Camp (grades 9-12)      2nd week in June or 2nd weekend in June (to be determined)
Middle School Camp (grades 6-8)      June 9-15
Junior Camp (grades 3-5)                    June 19-23
Pre-Junior Camp (grades K-2)             June 28-30
Day Camp (grades K-5)                       July 15-19
Men’s Camp                                       Aug. 9-11
Family Camp                                       Aug. 30-Sept. 2
Creation Camp (grades 3-6)                Sept. 6-8

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