Monday, January 01, 2024


“Who Are You Wearing?”

by Christy Waltersdorff

We are in the midst of the Hollywood Awards season. As celebrities walk the red carpet in expensive designer clothing, dripping with jewels, reporters shove microphones in their faces and ask, “Who are you wearing?” That question has always annoyed me. I know the reporter wants the name of a famous designer, but it always reduces the person to merely a mannequin, placing the focus on their clothing and not their character. Perhaps they are mannequins on that red carpet, showcasing the finest work of a “fashion house,” but they are also unique and talented human beings.

Of course, what we wear matters. In the middle of winter, here in Illinois, most of us are wrapped up in warm sweaters and parkas. As the snow falls, we would soon regret going outside to shovel in shorts and flip flops. Likewise, as Christians, the way we present ourselves to the world matters a great deal.

In his letter to the Christians in Colossae, Paul reminds them that they are God’s chosen ones. They are God’s beloved, created in God’s own image. Paul encourages them to clothe themselves with the characteristics of Jesus: compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. He wants God’s people to live their lives as Jesus did so that when others see them, they won’t have to ask, “Who are you wearing?”

As we choose what to wear each day, let’s not forget to also choose the things of God. Let’s greet the world dressed in the goodness of God every day.