Monday, May 01, 2017

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is accompaniment, compassionate listening, and companionship for the spiritual journey. Self-understanding and spiritual growth come from sharing our joys, struggles, doubts, and questions, as we consider how and where the Spirit of God is moving in our lives. Anyone desiring deeper awareness of and communion with God, and a more substantive prayer life will benefit from meeting with a spiritual director.

Usually, spiritual direction takes place in periodic one-on-one meetings with a spiritual director. Group spiritual direction brings together several individuals for facilitated sharing and prayer. Spiritual directors encourage wonder, foster inquiry, and elicit compassion. Through attentive listening and reflection, they guide, support, and challenge directees. Confidentiality, empathy, and sensitivity to God’s abiding presence characterize interactions with a spiritual director.

The Church of the Brethren Spiritual Directors’ Network connects Brethren spiritual directors with each other and with those seeking a spiritual director. Members have received training in the art of spiritual direction and have an active prayer life. They are often called upon to provide retreat leadership, share written reflections, and teach spiritual practices at denominational events. The Network hosts an annual professional growth retreat each May.

Finding a Spiritual Director
Spiritual Directors International:
Church of the Brethren district offices
Bethany Theological Seminary
Retreat centers

Email to join the network, and for more information.