Friday, December 01, 2017

From the Moderator

This past summer, I finally drove down to see my younger brother in Charleston, South Carolina. One of my travel habits is to watch for my phone’s clock to update when entering a new time zone. I’ve realized that the time zone line on the map has nothing to do with the cell tower placement that sends the signal. Even a “time” sign on the highway would not help.

Usually—without success—I attempt to spot the billboard announcing the welcome station and arrival into the next state. Upon spotting a billboard across the highway, I crank my head backwards and try to read it. For people like me who often miss larger sign, there should be writing on both sides of the sign.

Quickly after our Luke 2:10 theme, “Do not be afraid...I bring you good news”, comes the announcement of the sign. They wouldn't miss this, and they needed to get moving. Looking behind us, we see God was already at work. In order to not miss it we all must be attentive, get moving, and invest in the Good News of what God is doing around us. They did not ask for a sign, yet signs were given. Signs abound in life—plenty are given to us! In hindsight, when things finally come to light, you may see that you were given more signs than you noticed. In the meantime, let's press on together and not be afraid!

Terry Link
Chaplain, Pleasant Hill Village