Sunday, July 01, 2018

From Newsline - May 25, 2018

Annual Conference business ranges from changes in delegate representation, to a new vision for mission, to creation care, and more

Delegates to this year’s Annual Conference will address 11 new and unfinished items of business.

New business includes “Change in Delegate Representation at Annual Conference,” “Vision for a Global Church of the Brethren,” “Brethren Values Investing,” “Polity for Electing Brethren Benefit Trust Board Directors,” “Polity for Electing the District Representative to the Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee.”

Unfinished business includes “Vision of Ecumenism for the 21st Century,” “Vitality and Viability,” “Creation Care,” “Compelling Vision,” “Denominational Leadership Gathering,” and various amendments to the denomination’s bylaws.