Friday, February 01, 2019

DE Ponderings

by Kevin Kessler

In September 2016 I had the honor and privilege of performing a wedding in the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountain National Park. Tammy and I spent a few days in Estes Park, CO, and then traveled on west to Rifle, CO, to see her nephew who was serving as park ranger intern a state park. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking in the mountains. After returning home, I wrote the following prayer in my journal.

O Masterful Creator, how great are your works. The topography of land, the variety of life, the good and difficulties of life all mixed together leaves me in a state of awe. The plains, flat and rolling, producing crops. The hills and mountains complete with phenomenal rock formations, and made whole with the addition of wildlife—elk, deer, bear, turkeys, rodents, etc.

You, Creator God, bring wholeness and balance to the created order which we are given to enjoy. But we have the responsibility to care for it—to help maintain balance, to help restore balance where imbalance occurs.

With my breathing, I am grateful for all you provide, God. With my mind and hands let me be about assisting you, joining you in sustaining the glory, majesty, mystery, and beauty of your created order.

Life, O Giver of all, includes death. For those families who have lost loved ones in tragic highway accidents, bring healing to their grief. Release them from anger and any self-blame.**

May we also find ways, O Lover of our souls, to find and restore peace among us, especially where racial tension exists, where misunderstanding between law and citizen exists, where political factions separate us, where theological understandings get in the way of relationsips. Encourage and embolden us, O God, to be good kingdom citizens so that we are the best citizens of this world. Open our minds and hearts and eyes to know that both your kingdom and this world are not mutually exclusive.

I have so much for which to be thankful. And because of this abundance, let me always be mindful of joining you in caring for the abundance around me. Amen.

**As we were traveling home, we had to detour off the interstate due to a major accident. We lodged nearby that evening and learned that lives were tragically lost.