Sunday, September 01, 2019

The Moderator's Column

Seeing and Being Our Neighbor

It is fast approaching the time for District Conference. Registration packets were sent to district churches and the website has digital forms. All is ready for you to sign up for this year’s conference on Nov.1-2, 2019. It is here that we will be celebrating the idea of "For Our Neighbors’ Good"!

From beginning to end, I hope you sense of what that can mean to all of us if we take the time to attend this gathering, as well as enter with a sense of anticipation, readiness, and expectation. Come prepared and come with your hands full of items for missions groups both far and wide in the Dixon neighborhood. Two programs are being lifted up: the P.A.D.S. local shelter, and the Emergency Cleanup Buckets for Disaster Relief. We will show them that our District does care about their needs.

Be ready to enjoy the fun and entertainment of Spontaneous Combustion Friday evening as the barbershop quartet leads us in their music and their story of the work they do “in the neighborhood”.

We hope our worship together will be for God’s glory as we share with Him and with each other about the good work that is going on in our District and in our churches.

I've sent out a plea for pictures from any and all churches that depict ways you have impacted your neighbors. This may also include how they impacted you in this last year. Please send them to the district office by Oct. 1st. We plan to make a slide show to help celebrate all that is being accomplished “for the glory of God and our neighbors’ good".

It is also very important that all of us understand the importance of being a neighbor to each other as churches. I am hoping that through sharing more of our stories with one another and our deep concerns about our neighbors in each of our existing areas, each of our churches will be more understanding and ready to work side-by-side. We can stand together in situations where we can do the most good! Smaller churches may need help from larger ones, but bigger churches may also need to invite smaller ones to join.

This District Conference is our chance to come together to speak to each other in love and learn about ourselves and the people who live around us.

Won’t you sign up and come be with us this year at Dixon Church of the Brethren? We would love to have a record crowd of people come do God together!

Blessings and Peace,
Moderator Leslie Lake