Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Moderator's Column

District Conference is almost upon us and I will soon be finished with my Moderator responsibilities. This year has been such a humbling experience for me, as I have found out so many wonderful things about our District and the people who make up our wonderful churches.

There has been such excitement for me when I realize what diverse ministries we really are accomplishing all over the District. The only sad thing is still the fact that many of us are not aware of what the other churches are doing. Countless times we were invited numerous ways to share what we’ve been up to, but I guess we are so caught up in the “doing” we just didn’t reach out and share. It was my privilege to move around and see or read your newsletters, look at your Facebook pictures, or be invited to your churches and see firsthand what is going on in your neighborhoods.

I chose this year’s theme in order to get us to look around - not only our own neighborhoods, but also at how we might more readily link together for God’s glory. I hear so many past stories in which a call went from a church and other churches would travel to help with the project. This enabled them to complete the project faster and enable all to rejoice in doing God’s work together! We have lost this idea, except for Disaster Response, and even that doesn’t have as many who are willing to take the time and go help those in need of aid. It is time that we try to see ourselves as one big “together” for the glory of God and our neighbors’ good. That means for every neighbor, yours and mine.

I have also been intrigued by our Emerging Ministries, Parables and The Gathering Chicago. Parables teaches us all about the fact that instead of thinking of or calling out disability, we should see others just as ourselves and not exploit them but embrace them equally in all we do. The Gathering Chicago prays intensely for all people and reminds us that we do not just pray for those we like, but God tells us to pray for all people. We are called to pray together and help others with their prayers when they cannot pray. If you do not know what they are doing, you need to find out - these churches are amazing!

Thank you to all the churches, pastors, deacons, lay leaders, members, and friends who attend the many churches in our District. May we remain committed to the strong bonds we have together to live Simply, Peacefully, and Together, as we continue to serve our neighbors both at home and together wherever they need us.

God bless everyone one of you.

Moderator Leslie Lake