Friday, May 01, 2020

The Moderator's Column

Hey There District Family!

Wow, in the last month, what it means to “Be the Church” has really changed for us! We’ve been told to not be our “Usual Brethren Selves”! No firm handshakes and definitely no hugging. Forget those visits to the Nursing home and put your visit the local hospital on hold. And wow - no washing feet! Plus, we missed out on that fantastic Love Feast meal.

That simple church in the country, which once shunned computers, iPads and cell phones, now counts on them to have worship! Zoom is no longer what a jet plane does, but instead it is the only way we can have church Board meetings! However, now they are shorter, praise God!

I don’t know about you, but this “old Dog” is growing tired of learning new tricks! Yet, good has come from this. We make more phone calls to check in on folks and we have renewed the art of sending notes via snail mail. We no longer take for granted our little stores and coffee shops. Instead we shop less at “big box” stores and more at Dollar General, and we buy “Take-out” from the local café.

When this Covid-19 crisis begins to calm down, let’s not go back to “business as usual” - we are better then that. Let us continue to value relationships, be patient, and share love and kindness. Let us be more like Christ!

Love ya’ll,

District Moderator Rick