Monday, June 01, 2020

Participate in the Church of the Brethren Virtual Choir!

Recently, Annual Conference Moderator Paul Mundey announced plans for a denominational virtual choir. Three hymns are projected to be a part of the overall project: “Blessed Assurance,” “I See A New World Coming,” and “Move In Our Midst.”

The three hymns will be used in the Virtual Denominational Worship and the Virtual Denominational Concert on July 1 and 2. You can find more information about them at: Now we need your participation, as we join together to worship the Living God, in Christ, during these challenging days!

In summary, a virtual choir is produced by each individual person recording themselves singing along with the hymn, and then all those submissions are painstakingly put together into one grand compilation that includes all the voices. Each of us gets to contribute our small part to help make up the whole (much like with the church!). As it is with large choirs, individual voices will not be heard, just all of us together.

We’ve set ambitious goals for this project, and are working on three hymns at once. We welcome your submissions as soon as possible

  • The Early-Bird Deadline is June 7, 2020;
  • The Final Deadline is June 14, 2020.

Please pay careful attention to these deadlines for sending in your submissions, because we are on a very tight timeline as we hope to have the final choir pieces ready for our worship celebration July 1.

To make your submission go to the following web link:

For general questions about the Virtual Choir project, please contact For technical assistance, please contact:

Please pray for the project overall, and the project core team consisting of Enten Eller, Paul Mundey, and Dave Sollenberger.