Tuesday, December 01, 2020

DE Ponderings

by Kevin Kessler

This article is the last one I’ll write as the DE of this district. It is one more of the endings to my tenure. While my present responsibilities with the district are ending, my support of the district does not end. I continue to serve as a pastor in this district and will encourage the congregation I serve to send delegates to both District and Annual Conferences. I will also encourage the congregation to continue its financial support of the district. And I will share district news I receive with the congregation.

For a period of time, I am stepping back from any district responsibilities, for two reasons. One, I am looking forward to a break. This does not mean I’m disinterested, only that I desire some time to re-energize. And two, I want to support the interim DE and the next called DE by stepping out of their way to let them lead. I trust that I will let go of responsibility and trust that you as the district will turn to these new leaders among you.

I’m aware that the search process continues for a called DE. The search team is a capable and talented group that will do their work well. I’m confident their efforts will bring forward a viable candidate. You can trust their work.

Meanwhile, Connie Burkholder will serve as the interim DE. Connie has DE experience and has excellent leadership skills and abilities. She has received orientation regarding current work in the district and will receive orientation about the changes in DE work from the Office of Ministry and the Council of District Executives. I’m confident you will appreciate the support Connie will give to this district as she steps into this role. Please help her to feel welcomed and a part of this district. And Andrea Garnett continues as administrative assistant, continuing to serve the district in her capable way.

At some point down the road, after I’ve had time to re-charge and you’ve had time to move in new directions with new leadership, I’ll consider stepping back into areas of work and ministry in the district. But until that time, know that I support the leadership you choose, and I support all of you in all you do as this district.

In the 3rd verse of the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” is a phrase that gives me pause every time I hear it: “blessings all mine with ten thousand beside”. In so many ways I am blessed beyond measure, even in the most difficult of moments and situations. And yet, as the song suggests, there are countless numbers of blessings still waiting. It is what keeps me waking up each day, that I might see those new mercies morning by morning.

The wonderful news is that I’m not the only one who receives these blessings. You do, too! And there are countless others still on the horizon for you. I pray you wake up each day with great expectation to meet those new mercies. I’m confident with new leadership in this district, you’ll enjoy some of those countless blessings. Watch for them. Expect them. Bless you all!