Monday, May 01, 2017


Bethany Theological Seminary professor, Scott Holland, provided leadership for a continuing education event for ministers in our district, April 24 & 25, at Bishop Lane Retreat Center near Rockford, IL. Theopoetics was the subject that he shared with the event participants, which is also a new certificate program being offered by the seminary.

Theopoetics, simplistically stated, is a more imaginative expression of theology leading one deeper into the mystery and transcendence of God and spirituality. During the continuing education event, participants were given the opportunity to spend time reflecting and writing from this more imaginative posture. The result of this exercise was the conception of several pieces of creative writing. The writing was reflective of context (the place) and concept (thought). Participants were pleasantly surprised by the creativity and wonder of the writings. A suggestion was made to share this creativity in the district newsletter. Thus, this creative writing will be shared in this and subsequent newsletters. Enjoy!

Bells Ring by Ellis Boughton (Pastor, Yellow Creek Church of the Brethren, Pearl City, IL)
Bells ring
Doors open
Classrooms empty
Hallways fill, then empty
Diplomas given, parties held
Where is God?
Decisions made
Career then studies?
Studies then career?
Seek God
Love found
Vows made
God included
Bells ring
New life
Infants born
Children raised
God included
Years pass
Life concludes
God calls
Bells ring