Monday, January 01, 2018

Each year the denominational offices send report forms to congregations for completion. The completed forms provide the opportunity for the denominational offices and district offices to maintain accurate records of information about congregations. Following is the list of forms received by congregations to complete, the information requested by the form, and when it is due. The forms may be completed online. It is important to follow the online instructions to ensure that the district office receives the information submitted. If forms are submitted by paper, the Yearbook Office will provide a copy to the district unless the form provides instructions to send a copy to the district office. Your assistance in completing and returning these forms is greatly appreciated.

Form A – Directory Information 
Due: May 15
  • provides name and contact information of the pastor and moderator as well as indicating accommodations for people with disabilities
Form B – Mailing Address Information
Due: December 31
  • provides name and contact information of congregational leadership
Statistical Information
Due: March 15
  • provides statistical information about the congregation (attendance, membership, pastoral status, financial information)
Congregational Giving Report 
Due: December 5
  • provides information about congregational budgeted giving to various denominational, district, agency, and local ministries.