Sunday, July 01, 2018

Moderator Notes

A Quote from Bob Logan: Finding leadership for a congregation or a District or a Denomination is the same problem for all. If the goals for any of these do not motivate the work of the potential leader, they will either refuse to lead or (far worse) they will accept the title but make little or no progress in the work, either from not knowing where they are going or (far far worse) not caring enough to do the serious work that is needed. When I last talked to Dr Logan, he had found leadership for the congregations of seven church plants and six of the seven were going to achieve their five year successes. Among church planters, five years of meeting as a worshipping body is a planters success and time for the replacement of the church planter with a ministering pastor. The American Baptists have about the same success rate. They should be expected to be just as successful as Dr. Logan since they use the same developmental rules. One of the young men who was planting congregations for the American Baptists wrote a book titled “Hand Grenades in Church Planting” It detailed the ten mistakes most likely to cause failure in a church planting situation. Three of the problem areas deal with aspects of the assignment of goals in the potential leadership. 1. Dont have any goals(Dont inform the leaders is the same thing)! 2. Interfere with the leader making the job harder! 3. Assign goals to a leader who will not have any sense of accomplishment for the work.

This is not going to be the longest notes for the year. We are in our busiest season, The gardens (now 84 4’x16’ garden plots and one half acre of row crops.) The row cropping section is available for all the other special plantings. We have three Master Gardeners who split up the morning from eight until noon and three policemen that included the garden on their patrol. Starting at one in the afternoon and running until four in the afternoon We have indoor activities. The kitchen is in use as mostly K thru 12 students learn to bake and cook overseen by the newly retired pastry chef of one of the hotels here.In the rest of the basement books are read for the younger and reading skills improvement books for the upper grades who need additional work. Various crafts and skills for vacationing students. My point: Each of the adult leaders are enthusiastic about what they are doing and will be back again tomorrow.

As for me and my house: I am continuing to learn to read and write Syriac Eastern Archaic (Jesus native language and, very importantly, the only language for most of the Nazritzii he taught. (Nazritzii = citizens of Nazareth and members of the synagogue there.) Remember that speaking in any language other than Syriac in the synagogue or anywhere else while talking about Jewish matters. (Aramaic is a subset of the dialects which include mostly versions of Syriac.) (Aramaic is not generally used by Linguists.)

Thank You for your prayers for Us. Think: If we as a church need to have things that are absolute truth, dont we need God’s works (miracles) to testify? Saying that much, In the bible, does the production of a miracles in the presence of a teacher testify to the presence (God) as well. They are the evidence that God has His hand in what Jesus does. Bless you and all of yours.

—Paul Kohler