Saturday, September 01, 2018

Dutchtown Church (Milledgeville Church of the Brethren) 160th Anniversary

The Dutchtown Church (Milledgeville Church of the Brethren) is celebrating its 160th anniversary. The origin of the Dutchtown congregation can be traced back to Schwarzenau, Germany, in the year 1708. Due to religious persecution that was going on in Europe at the time, small groups of people began the migration to America. By 1735, the migration was complete and the majority of the “Brethren” settled in Pennsylvania under the control of William Penn, a Quaker. They eventually started pushing further west to the Mississippi and on to the West Coast. Brethren from the East settled in Northern Illinois around 1842 and established the first Church in this area at Arnold’s Grove, near Mt. Carroll. This congregation was the parent congregation for Dutchtown, Cherry Grove, and Hickory Grove. It was in the fall of 1858 that the congregation was organized and the first Love Feast was held.

Pastor Richard “Rick” Koch has pastored Dutchtown for 28 years. A special Sunday service will be held on September 9th with worship at 9:30 a.m. and a Hog Roast/Pot Luck meal to follow. All are welcome to attend and help us celebrate.

Dutchtown is located at 25257 Dutchtown Road, Milledgeville. Phone: 815-225-7812