Saturday, June 01, 2019

The Moderator's Column

Off to Camp We Go!

Sorry, but I always have to start by being thankful! Our children, youth, college students and all our teachers just finished another year of school. They are ready to embark on a summer that will hopefully be full of fun and adventure, with God included in their lives!

I hope everyone takes the time to wake up and see the beautiful sunrises. As we go on our vacations and enjoy one another’s company, I hope we look around at the beautiful creation that God provided for all of us. May we enjoy and take the time as families to thank God for what we have!

Mostly (AND HERE’S MY CHALLENGE FOR YOU THIS MONTH), I hope all our churches will work to send our kids to Camp so that they can learn more about God in nature. This year the curriculum is built around Peace Works! I challenge each of our churches to come up with the funds to send kids not only from your churches, but from your neighborhoods!

If we are going to live our District Conference theme, then ask the kids in your church if they have a friend that you could sponsor to go with them! Let this be the year that our camps our full of our kids and others who need to know the Brethren way to deal with conflict and to love each other.

It is time for us to make a difference. Our children our worth so much; they are the future of what the world is going to be. This is our chance to make a difference by stepping up doing something monumental that will really make a difference in our treatment of one another.

Take on the challenge and let the District office know how your church is doing. Make some kind of a visible chart to show how many youth you are sending and email a picture that we can show at district conference.

If you don’t have kids at your own church, sponsor someone from another church!

Please sponsor wherever your churches most conveniently can send your youth and neighbors. For more information about BOTH of the district's camps, please check the websites:
Camp EmmanuelCamp Emmaus
Let’s go church---For the glory of God and Our Neighbor’s Good!

Moderator Leslie Lake