Monday, June 01, 2020

The Moderator's Column

In between projects I am working on in the office I have a habit of walking around the church sanctuary and listening to a CD. It’s a good way for me to pray, praise, and be filled with the holy spirit. During one of these “wondering times” I was overcome with fear and uncertainty.

I will be totally honest with you; personally, this whole Covid-19 experience hasn’t been much more than a nuisance to me. I know a few folks who’ve had it, but no hospitalizations or deaths. I’ve still gone to church each day to work. My wife also works, as do my adult kids. I do not mean to diminish the price our world has paid due to this virus. It has been life changing - but eventually it will end!

However, the racial unrest that we are experiencing at the moment causes me to fear and feel anxious for our futures. This is not something we can throw a vaccination at and we cannot pass enough legislation to end it. If we could one might think we would have come up with it already!

Racism, bigotry, a lack trust in those who look different from us are all matters of the heart! Way too many of us, don’t want to go through the “heart surgery” needed. We prefer to close our eyes and hope it all goes away.

I will admit as a sixty-something, middle income, white male, I am a part of the problem. However, I also need to be a part of the solution! I don’t have any answers, but I am open to dialog as we search for them together.

Love y’all,
Moderator Rick