Tuesday, September 01, 2020

DE Ponderings

by Kevin Kessler

The announcement has been made that I’ve resigned my District Executive position effective Dec. 31, 2020. The concept of retirement entered the mix as well and for all intents and purposes, I guess, I’ve retired as District Executive. However, I’m continuing as the pastor of the Canton congregation. In addition, I’m developing a small, independent business doing “handyman” work and services. I may even try my hand at doing some writing. All said, I plan to remain active and engage in work and activities that I enjoy doing but seem not to have the time presently to do. I’m also looking forward to “meetingless” Saturdays that hopefully will provide more family-oriented opportunities.

I can honestly say that these past 14 years serving as District Executive have been rewarding. I value all the many connections and friendships and relationships that I’ve developed with so many of you across this district. The DE work has also opened the door to engage more intentionally denominationally, resulting in many more connections and relationships that I’ll carry with me and cherish.

These have been growth years as well. I entered the DE role with visions of what the position entailed and quickly discovered I had much to learn. So I grew into the work with the support and kind guidance of Council of District Executive colleagues, and the grace of this district. In many ways I learned much more about the denomination and the way it functions as I was privileged with the opportunity to serve on committees tasked with denominational work.

I arrived in this role when the district, in my view, was seeking attentive leadership. I've striven to be available and to follow through, although I missed the mark at times along the way. However, I sense I fulfilled this purpose. The district, and the denomination, are in a different place today with, again in my view, the need for leaders with the passion, energy, and drive to carry forward new vision. I find I have less energy and passion to step into such visionary leadership and that it is time to give those who do have the energy and passion to lead this district into the next chapter.

All in all, I will take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to this district for allowing me to serve as District Executive for 14 years. I am thankful for all of your support, for the many opportunities of serving with you, and for the diversity among us that provides us with countless gifts to continue the work of Jesus, peacefully, simply, and together.

Grace and peace to all of you as you strive together in faithful service.