Monday, May 01, 2017

From the Moderator

Contributions to the column reserved for the moderator will present meditations, written by members of the congregations in the IL/WI District.

Do Not Be Afraid

“Do not be afraid.” Jesus spoke these words many times to His disciples. This usually happened around the time a big event occurred.

Three disciples stood atop of a mountain as heaven unfolded before them and when God spoke they fell to the ground trembling. Jesus touched them and said: “Do not be afraid!” Just before Jesus’ crucifixion, as Jesus prepared his disciple for what was to come, He repeated: “Do not be afraid.” There is something comforting about those words.

I worked for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for thirty-five years, during which time I did my ministry training. I was ordained into ministry, and submitted my profile to our District Minister to be sent out nationwide; I would go where God called me. Within a few months I received a call from the IL/WI District concerning a church in Cerro Gordo, Illinois.

My wife and I had been to Illinois only once before. Accepting this call meant leaving our family, friends, and home church. We would be going to a place where we knew no one. I’ll be honest it and say it was a bit unnerving. However, through it all I somehow heard God saying: “Do not be afraid. I am with you even unto the end of the age.” It’s been nearly five years since we moved to Cerro Gordo and we are totally blessed.

Tim Laird – Pastor
Cerro Gordo Church of the Brethren
Cerro Gordo IL.