Tuesday, August 01, 2017

BDM November Project Update

We now have updated information in regards to a BDM project set for the week of November 12-18, 2017. Through discussion with the BDM central office, we have been able to identify the project near Eureka, MO, as the location for our involvement. We need 7-10 volunteers from IL/WI, with an equal number being provided by Indiana South Central district.

The Eureka Methodist Church will provide housing for volunteers. In terms of food, we will be preparing our own meals via a dedicated cook (to be identified), or through a shared group responsibility.

Thanks to early scheduling, as well as a closer location, we are hopeful that we can identify our team members and begin planning the details sooner rather than later. If you or someone you know can participate, or if you are interested in more details, please contact me at: ilwi.ddc.lh@gmail.com Regards,

Loren Habegger,
IL/WI Church of the Brethren
District Disaster Coordinator